Thursday, March 13, 2014


Here is the story of our neutral nursery. We knew from the beginning of this pregnancy we wanted a surprise, I think my family and friends doubted I could wait 40wks to know what we were having. I am a planner, type A personality, and have to have everything organized and planned. I was determined to have that MOMENT. There are very few things you share with just your spouse after you have kids. It brought me back to our wedding day when we said "I Do" and kissed that was our moment even if there were people around, it was just US in the moment. 
Thanks to one of my awesome best friends that is a photography and did our maternity pictures!

So back to the nursery it was taking the place of the play room. Again I wish I would of taken before pictures. I will describe it the walls were all light green and one big wall of chalk board paint. I really liked the green so we left that color and decided to paint gray strips on the bottom half of wall and put up chair rail... (the hubby did a great job with the paint tape measuring and making perfect stripes) sounds easy well no project is that simple so we needed to cover the chalk wall and we did not save the paint swatch from 3 years prior well Mike used some green paint in our paint can pile in the garage. Well the green we had was from our family room upstairs and did not match at all when it DRIED, yes we painted alot and didnt notice. So as you can imagine that is when the frustration kicked in. We (I saw we the hubby did most of it) had to tape out all the stripes again and buy a new green. Then we ran out of gray and had to touch up a few spots we wanted to save money and bought what we thought was a perfect match craft gray well it did not match at all, I laugh about this while I type but in the moment it was defiantly a hassle and no laughting! Here is a picture of the almost complete Nursery...
So the changing table in the pictures I bought from somebody one of  facebook's local classified page for $10 a steal! On the wall you will see 4 wall vanvasas, I am proud to say I made those with the left over gray and green pain, canvases from Pat Catan's  $2.98 for 2 and painters tape left over from stripes.

Next you will see the BEAUTIFUL hand drawn and painted tree Mike made!! I love it! When the baby gets here we decided we would add either pink or blue birds on the tree. 

Compliments to my mother she made me a chevron changing pad cover and basket liners. I reused the actual changing pad and baskets from Callie.

The last pictures will show you ITS A GIRL! We had our surprise moment when our Dr. announced "its a Girl", yes that is how it went even I think our Dr. along with everybody else thought for sure we were having a boy. I will never forget the connection Mike and I had when we finally knew that our baby was here, healthy, and another girl, the wait was so worth it. It felt like only Mike and I knew even though others were in the room the look on our faces to each other when we met our baby Addie will always be a fresh memory in my head. 

Okay back to the nursery we put in Callie's pink rocker, pink birds to the tree, and Addison's name to the wall! I would like to add in about our beautiful crib which came from our local Marc's store who often gets items that Target stops carrying it is a 4 in 1 crib for $99 safe and well known brand,  yes you read that right $99!!

So overall I love the way the nursery turned out and it was under our budget!! I thought for sure the extra paint trips would put us over but we were able to save in other areas!
Thanks for reading!

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