Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Okay let's jump right in here this is my current project I am working on my basement/family room where we spend most of my time. The room is dark and cozy and my husband likes the darkness because he works nights and will fall asleep on the couch but sorry honey time to brighten things up! As you will see in the pictures below my current family room is a burnt orange color paint on the walls with dark green comfy couches. I am looking to paint the walls tan/gray and move my upstairs couches down stairs they are a light tan. I want to get new curtains and wall d├ęcor, will take any suggestions!
PAINTING something I despise, this is how I word it "Babe lets paint the down stairs" he says "you mean I will paint the down stairs" haha he knows me all so well. My MIL who is ever so kind is helping me paint she actually enjoys it!
These are the before pictures below hoping to have this project complete in a couple weeks, I will post pictures then. I sold all my decorations to buy paint, you will notice I like to make all my projects cost effective and on a budget!


  1. Amber, welcome to the blogging world! I love the family room. I especially love the brick wall. It's gorgeous.I agree with painting the walls though. I think the burnt orange is lovely but it kinda seems to "disagree" with the color of the curtains and couch. A tan will be nice. I have two tan colors that I swear by as my "go to's" Tumbleweed Tan at Walmart and Whiskers at Porter's Paint. I love them both. My dining room is Whiskers (lighter) and opens into the LR which is just a bit darker with the Tumbleweed Tan. Can't wait to see the "after pics!" Get a move on it girl! lol...

  2. Thanks, Do you like the brick wall? I actually have looked up ways to cover it! I actually remember seeing those colors at walmart I went with a color called Natural Wicker!

  3. Cover the brick wall??? Oh no! I covet that brick wall. lol...I might paint it a distressed white but I would never get rid of it! I've seen tons of blogs that say painting a brick wall/fireplace is a piece of cake!

  4. I am going to have to look into the distressed look, thanks for the input!