Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sunday morning after a fun evening out with family for my brother in laws birthday, Mike and I woke up with NO kids and decided to do some "window shopping." Out we went to Mentor with no car seats, strollers, just US! I was not in the mood to tackle my favorite store Kohls, the parking lot was packed so we ventured over to our new Home Goods store. I had only been there a couple times never with enough time to really look in each department. I was on the look out for curtains and pillows! I came across some cool coffee mugs and water bottles. Mike got me this really nice coffee mug for Christmas I loved it...
and for some reason I decided at work to put it in the microwave, did I mention the bottom was metal...RIP coffee mate mug :/ not to mention the kitchen smelled like it was on fire and it took forever for it to stop smoking even under running water... So I felt bad and couldn't replace the mug but I did get a new water bottle and since Sunday my water intake has tripled.

So I came across some curtains I was soso about them at first and I didn't even pick them up and then a few minutes went by and Mike pointed them out and said he liked them.. I was surprised he doesn't say much when shopping for decor unless I ask or his famous words "go ahead if you want it" (good husband)! They were priced right, had two sets, and are 95 inches in length which is perfect. I like them to lay on the floor a bit, better then too short. I really love them
even more now that they are up and even better the Sun is shinning! Next we headed over to Burlington Coat Factory they have a great discounted selection of household items and decor. I found a really soft blanket that I love for only $9.99. I have some what of a blanket pet peeve I will not let anybody use MY blankets, I can tell when 
they do
My soft blanket and new pillows
they smell 
different! I know I am strange but don't mess with Amber's blankets! The lamp now does not match I am thinking of getting a new lamp shade and painting the bottom.

I also found the perfect clock that matches my new colors down stairs and I feel it was a steal.

A steal
Perfect Gray

Okay our next stop Gabriel Brothers I can always find a good deal there. I love throw pillows, I have been told they are annoying to some due to taking up space but I feel they are a necessity. I found THREE matching ones which is rare for Gabriel Brothers. So after our pillow fight yes we looked like kids, all three made it into the cart and @ only $5.99 a piece! 

Above is the pillow in the picture with the blanket. So our last stop was at Marc's which carries a good amount of target merchandise, I did not find anything for the family room but I did find a beach hat for Miss. Addie for we will be at the beach in 80 days~ Oh and I almost forgot we got our furry friend Dexter a OHIO STATE bandanna.

I am still looking for a few pieces of older furniture I would like to refurbish for some new end tables. Craig's list here I come... Hopefully I will have the finished family room soon, I would say we had a successful shopping day though.

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