Friday, May 23, 2014


A new path in my nursing journey started a few months ago. It was a big jump, well actually a leap from the path I was currently on. I went back to work in January from maternity leave. I was excited at first to be working again and to be back around my nursing pals. Here is a little background on what kind of department I work in. It is a adult telemetry and step down unit. The population we care for is the critically ill or post surgical with acute and chronic disease processes. I have gotten more experience there then I ever thought was possible in a couple years. After being back a month I still felt like something was missing and "self scheduling" turned into whenever they wanted you to work which was causing many conflicts with schedules and events at home. I needed to find a job that will work with Mike and the kids schedules. I absolutely LOVE being a nurse.. I could not ignore my feeling that something was missing, I was starting to feel like "it was just a job." That doesn't work for me I want to enjoy my job and feel like I am making a difference. So I decided its time to explore another field of nursing. One of the perks of being a nurse there are many different departments out there.
So job hunting I went! After a couple job interviews and offers, I still felt like something was missing. I think it was because I was looking at basically the same departments I was already working in. Job hunting can be exhausting not only did I want to find the right place for me, I had to consider, travel time, insurance, benefits, and 401K plans (ugh grown up stuff can stink.) During my job hunt I was praying for guidance and putting it all in Gods hands which of coarse can make a world of difference. 
A friend of mine from nursing school Jody sent me a message giving me her managers email and the rest is history! No no I think I need to elaborate a little more then that. The process started.... off to the first interview with who would be my manager. As I am sitting there nervous answering all those subjective interview scenario questions, I realized my new necklace Mike got me for Christmas that I am 100% positive I put on in the morning was NOT on my neck. Trying to focus but I just couldn't. I had to look for it after backtracking all my steps and couldn't find it, finally I found it in my bra hahaha! After that adventure I was called in for a second interview with the clinical director who was very nice. I was told I would hear in a week well a day later I was offered the job!!! After many prayers and talking it over with Mike I accepted the job as a full time employee. I decided to stay at my current job as pro re nata (PRN) and help out when I can. This was defiantly a good decision I made for our family. I am sure you are wandering where is my new job at? I am a now a hospice nurse at Hospice Of The Western Reserve. I am at the beautiful facility on the lake called Davis Simpson Hospice House. 
First day of orientation


This is the view I get to look at every day, these pictures don't due justice.
A Boat

Along the vista walk way

the view from the Chapel 

View from a picnic table I was eating lunch at

Some asked "you want to work with the dying?" Many people do not really understand want hospice is and think dying people are lying there taking there last breathe, there is so much more to the picture. It is a privilege to be able to spend time with people on their last months, weeks, days and maybe minutes. I feel like this is what nursing is all about, after all we all live to die someday some just much sooner then others. It defiantly can be emotionally draining at times the big word is "why" I have to stop and tell myself I am not here to question god we all have a plan in life. I love getting to talk with patients/families and hearing stories, it is amazing to see how just talking and listening can be so therapeutic. I have learned skills here that I didn't know existed in nursing, for example sub-Q fluids or pumps? I have heard staff say only in the "hospice world" I am beginning to believe this.
I absolutely love my new job! It is rewarding in so many ways and I can not say enough positive and nice things about this place, the people, and all the staff members. I look forward to continuing my nursing career here. Thanks for reading!