Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I had a VERY eventful Monday, I am at the YMCA working out and 
all I can think about is what I am going to blog about this week?? Okay this is a project we did hmm let me think... about a few months ago if not longer. The people that remodeled our house claimed to be interior designers I am not so sure about that? But remember if you read previous posts you will know I bought this house because of the amazing chandelier in my kitchen that is currently hanging over no table lol I sold our pub table to make room for our kitchen remodel that will hopefully take place soon. 
Back to the bathroom another room I wanted to brighten up, it had tan walls and horrible ceiling tile/back-splash whatever you want to call it. This is why I question if the "interior designer" knew what she was doing. She used tiny tiles and they only covered a little over half of the ceiling above our shower, why not cover the whole ceiling above the shower?? 

In the pictures you will see my again amazing handy hubby scrapping off the tile and spacing out the new tile.

I was about 6-7 months pregnant and very moody and I told Mike "this bathroom needs to change" he responds with "what do you want done?" 
Next thing I knew the tile was being torn down and the next day I was at Lowes picking out tiles (all the grouting supplies), paint, a light fixture, and mirror! I think Mike would of did anything at this point to make me happy during this pregnancy there was not a day I was not sick :( but of coarse worth it in the end :) After saying that, my baby is 5 months old so this project was about 7-8 months ago, wow have I lost track of time! 

Here is the finished tiles, pretty good job for his first time laying tile....
The fan also needed a face lift, we were going to buy a new one but finding one to fit was a pain, so I painted it and that was in the budget!

Here is the finished project, it is amazing the difference paint can do...

The light fixture is a little off center with the mirror but whoever installed the previous track lighting did a rough job the wall defiantly had some damage so we were trying to cover up holes and still had to patch some. 

We also hung a simple mirror in place of a bulky medicine cabinet for our small bathroom. My shower curtain that I LOVE came from Target I looked all over for one then my Smart friend Sarah says "Did you Look at target?" hmm why didn't I think of that! I also bought "decorative towels" the kids don't understand that and I think they TRY to dirty them up, I guess pick and choose your battles!

Here is my little Mason Jar project, I 

painted a little chalk paint window labeled Cotton Balls and Q-tips. The end..Oh wait I wanted to show you one more thing our closet, at first I thought how odd why didn't they just make it the length of the wall but It was grown on me it is very deep and has two shelves, I cant show you the inside it is a disaster but it sure does hold a-lot. 

So there's my bathroom face lift! 
Thanks for reading!