Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Okay its now August, it has taken much longer then expected for our living room project. But who's keeping track I never stopped working on this room just bought things and made things at my own pace. Its so easy to get trapped in this fast pace world we live in, work, school, sports, keeping a home a float and of coarse my three little people. 
This past weekend my Mom and I headed out to Hartville (http://www.hartvilleoh.com/) for the day. Hartville is a fun little town with a huge Marketplace, several antique shops and boutiques. I was mainly there for one of my favorite furniture/decor stores. Its called Modern Vintage check them
out.. https://www.facebook.com/TRWModernVintage
This is not for my living room but I must brag on this piece I am in love with and it resides in my kitchen. 

Now for my living room we have been working on a coffee table it is completely sanded just need to decide on right paint and color. When I went the Modern Vintage I was looking for a couple tables for down stairs. 
Free somebody was going to throw it away!

The work begins....

Just got one of these for next to couch. 

Going next to recliner. 

Now I thought I was done but when I came back to load up my goods, I saw this table and just had to have it not exactly where I am going to put it. 

Now to find them all a new home. I am hoping to have the coffee table done by September. I also picked up an old wooden chair with a beautiful rose carved in and I reupholstered it. 

Here are two last things I have done for the living room. 
Ten cents at a thrift store, scraped some initials off and added ribbon. 

Amazing what spray paint can do!

Now that I have showed just about everything in my living room :) I will post the finish project soon. Now you know a project is never completely finished because you change your mind, move things, or add things. 
Thanks for reading!