Friday, October 10, 2014


Fall is my favorite season. I love the smell of the fresh air coming through the open windows, the leaves changing colors, sweaters and jeans, and pumpkin patches. This year our first pumpkin patch we went to was Sissons pumpkin patch, I  highly recommend it. 
Don't forget Thanksgiving after all I was born on the giving holiday. I am so happy to have an October baby, now we can get birthday pictures every year in the fall. Not only was she our miracle baby she shares a birthday with her "Dada". Here are a couple of her first year pictures.
My mean muggin princess. 

Those letters stayed in place for about 5 seconds. 
These pictures were taken by my sister in law. Check out her facebook page. 

Okay one last one, I can't resist!
Look how beautiful the trees are in the background.

On to my fall crafts.. My craft partner is my very good friend Christine. Christine and I used to work together is how we crossed paths and since then we have grown to be real good friends. We decided to make wreaths. I love to look at homes and see their porch decor, especially in the Fall. The Wreaths on doors always seem to stand out to me. I had not yet bought my porch decor; mums, cornstalks, and pumpkins of coarse! So what better to do then make a wreath. Went to Pat Catans with a pinterest idea in mind. First chose some fake flowers, a rose is what I wanted. Next off to the wreaths, who would of thought there was so many to choose from. Addie was getting cranky so that sped up the decision a little bit. We picked out our letters oh and don't forget the burlap, that is the "in" material for crafts right now. After a few hours rearranging our flowers and painting our letters here is the finished project. 

Very proud of these wreaths!

Yesterday we made another project inspired by pinterest, what did we do before it?? 
Here is the link to the pin that we liked. We then personalized them to our liking as we went. These pumpkins were very cost effective so cost effective we didn't have to buy a thing. The wood was left over from Christine friend who just built a barn, we just had to make him a set. We had all the paint and ribbon from previous projects which between the both of us we have a nice stock of materials and supplies. The stems I found in my dads garage where you can find just about anything you need. Last but not least our curly cues came from grape vines my parents have in their back yard. 

First I will show you Miss. Callie's pumpkin. We can defiantly say pink is this girls favorite color. She gets so excited for craft day. Christine's husband was nice enough to cut a Callie size pumpkin. She is getting old enough that she can really participate, its fun. I am not sure if she was getting ready for spring with this but I will defiantly have it displayed for Easter and Valentines Day. She is smart she was taking care of two holidays with one project, she learned from her Mom.  
I got a little ribbon happy. 

Christine's perfect chevron
There you have it our finished wooden pumpkins. Thanks for reading...

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