Thursday, April 24, 2014


expensive crapper..
Here is an update on our old laundry room. In my previous post I mentioned I wanted to turn our old laundry room into a half bath, well those dreams were shattered when I found out it would be over $1500 for a toilet?? That is just the toilet itself, because we needed a special up-flush toilet due to how the plumbing is arranged so we have decided to turn it into a storage and coat closet instead. So our project has been just that a storage room! As much as I wanted a half bathroom this is more realistic and this will help move along my cluttered space above our washer and dryer.
Sore eye
Not organized storage closet
I will now be able to move all my kitchen overflow into this closet and find some cabinets to put above washer and dryer. Here is what the old laundry room turned into a cluttered mess..

Cold air seeping through
This mess has been driving me nuts thank god I could just close the door and not have to see it... All this was below our shelves in my old pantry which is now the new laundry room. So this storage room needs to hold all this and whats above the washer and dry, this is going to be a challenge. Mike and my Dad decided to use plywood instead of dry wall. We had drywall before and the water damaged it and this way if we were to have a pipe burst again it will be easier to repair by removing the plywood and if we find it soon enough it wont be damaged. Not that we anticipating another flood!

Here is it being painted and the other picture shows the plywood for the walls and the ceiling. You can see in the last picture we had to enclose the plumbing that runs up to the washer and dryer when I came home and say that I will admit I was upset I didn't realize it was going to take up so much space and I am pretty sure Mike was annoyed actually I know he was annoyed with my reaction. It took me a few minutes about 20 and I got over it (one of those not seeing eye to eye moments with your husband).

Enclosed plumbing

The hardest part of projects for me is the mess during the projects. Who else organizes during construction?? Hurry up paint DRY so we can install shelves and coat rack! Okay a couple days later the paint is completely dry and trim is up. 
All painted and dry
coat rack/shelves

Coat racks and shelves are up...
When you do a project there is always at least one or two things that you don't think through and here is ours..

Light switch dilemma
It doesn't look to bad until have something on the shelve, then we will have fun getting to the switch. We laughed this one off. Yes, we could move the shelve or put a side ways switch up. We have decided to be annoyed by it for now. Now is the fun part ORGANIZING!! I hung the coats that were in the play closet. Now the kids will have more room for toys and I will be able to reach them now. A win win for both. I had the whole closet organized and I realized I still didn't feel organized.
I took everything out and off to the store I went. The storage isle is my favorite isle of the store!

Now that I have all my bins full and organized it was time to label. I bought some nice identa-labels. I went online to upload the free template to type my labels due to my messy hand writing. My computer decided it would not open the download..annoying!

Thank god for the library right up the street. Here is an updated picture of above the washer/dryer. Not real happy with how the pictures of the storage room turned out. It is a small space and hard to get a good picture angle. But I am really happy with how the space turned out and cant believe how much fit.
full view

storage bins

iron and ironing board

fun for our little people

my junk

Our finished storage room! Thanks for reading.  If you ever need any help organizing feel free to ask I really enjoy it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I had wanted to change our bedroom around for a while but other projects trumped this one. So in December of last year about a week before Christmas I decided to tackle our bedroom. Of coarse again I failed to take before pictures, but I will describe it. It had beige walls and dark brown decorations. The curtains and bed spread were matching teal, brown, and cream. I loved the bed-set, Mike had got it for me for my birthday a couple years ago. I had decided to go for a elegant look. This link below was my inspiration from pinterest.
I had the hardest time finding a chandelier that I LOVED, I must had sent Sarah and Ashley a million pictures. One we bought off of had pieces missing actually they were never missing it was a typical "man thing" Mike failed to look in the actual box. I had already made the long return phone call and printed the return label when I found the pieces so back it went lol was not funny at the time. So after weeks for searching, Lowes is where I found one, I wasn't sure at first but after it was hung I love it!
 We painted the walls a gray but with the light on it grabs the purple from the bed set which I found at of coarse on sale, 30% off  coupon, and kohls cash (awesome deal) so the walls look like a light purple. 
Wedding Pictures
Above our bed is three of my favorite wedding pictures one black/white, one sepia, and not sure the proper photographer color name for the third. Above the pictures I hung some word decals that say "A love story never ends."
Next is curtain time I fell in love with these the second I saw them on they reminded me of my wedding dress...I was hesitant to buy at price because of the price but Sarah talked me into it..
Wedding Curtains
I almost forgot we MADE our headboard, it was a relatively easy project. It started as a piece of plywood, clearance fabric, padding, buy1get1 buttons all from Jo-Ann Fabric's, and we already owned a stable gun. About an hour or so later Mike and I had a finished headboard!
Do it yourself Headboard

Next to our bed is a shabby chic night stand form (I love AMAZON) it was the easiest table ever to put together 3 pieces and pretty sturdy. On this night stand was a beautiful purple orchid, I love orchids my second favorite flower next to tulips but I have been called the orchid killer, I can not keep them alive for my life so as you see it is gone :(
 In the picture below you also see that our bed skirt does not match we have a sleep number bed that inclines and sits up and that skirt costs us a pretty penny unfortunately we matched it to our old set so it stays. 
Here is a mirror that I got on a spa weekend getaway with my mom in Hartville, Ohio we found it at a antique shop for next to nothing. Mike sanded it and painted it white for me, yes I am spoiled!
Antique Mirror
Last is a couple walls I wasn't really sure what to do with them, one has a clock my mom had engraved with our wedding date. Don't mind my bath robe in the picture..
The last wall will be pictures of our little people, you will notice only Addie's is up, I am waiting for to have a free 8x10 special. I now have a bedroom I enjoy hanging out in.
Wedding Clock
There is our finished master bedroom! 

Little People
I may add one thing I have a chest my Grandpa made me we may sand it and paint it white or black and put at the bottom of our bed and use as a storage bench, I will update post when that is finished. Thanks for reading,  feedback and ideas/comments are always welcomed and appreciated!