Tuesday, March 18, 2014


A couple months ago we kept hearing water running the ?? was were is it coming from? We FOUND it, a pipe had burst in our laundry room wall a main water pipe at that, stupid below zero weather. A little history on the placement of our laundry room it is down stairs, our house is a tri-level, so down stairs has a coat/play room closet, a bedroom, living room, and our now flooding laundry room eek!

When we originally bought our newly remodeled house 
(I laugh at that those words remodeled because I still seem to find a million changes I want to do) they planned for the laundry room to be on the middle flood which would of been so convenient if they would of measured correctly we had just a normal size washer and dryer nothing fancy and it WOULDN'T FIT.. Talk about frustrating the day we moved in we had to reroute the washers plumbing, upgrade an electrical outlet, and install a dryer vent in what was going to be a nice closet downstairs. Now our laundry room was two floors away from the bedrooms talk about about alot more work then expected on moving day and when doing daily laundry. For everybody that knows me it NEEDED to be done that day or it would of thrown off my moving schedule and stressed me out just some of my OCD kicking in! It was a tight squeeze downstairs but we made it work. Imagine a 9 month pregnant belly in there it didn't go over well but I was still stuck doing laundry lol!
We then on moving day (our help had no idea what they were getting into) installed some shelves upstairs and a door to turn that space into a pantry. So now you can probably predict what the next project will be...hint hint more cupboards in our kitchen because as you read you will see we are eliminating our pantry. Okay back to flood we had to move our washer and dryer which we have front loaders now up to the space that was first intended to be the laundry room in the first place. Here is a little tip I found on Pinterest about
front loaders. http://www.homesavvyatoz.com/washer-drain-pump-filter/ My ever so handy hubby and Dad were able to add to and re size the space to fit our washer and dryer now!! The pain in the butt part was doing the plumbing again that we capped off when we moved in grr...

I am very EXCITED about having the laundry room closer, I guess the flood made it possible to get 

the middle floor laundry room I wanted! This is our back door, it is a walk way but much more room then I had and much more convenient. Now my pantry is gone :( so our next project is the more cupboards in our kitchen but we will leave that up to the professionals, I hope to have a blog about that soon. Here are a few pictures of the laundry room now. It is not exactly what I want it to look like, above the washer and dryer is the overflow from the pantry that didn't fit into my the kitchen. I need some feedback and input on what to do above the washer and dryer once I have more cupboards in the my kitchen to put all my kitchen supplies that don't fit in my very few cupboards. Please don't
judge I know its a mess! So here are some pictures from Pinterest on how to solve my mess above my washer and dryer. I would love to install some cabinets instead of the old shelves from the pantry. Give me some feed back on what you think, as you can see the laundry room goes in and up so if we install cupboards they would need to open... 
Here are some of the ideas I have found. Web pages are attached to pictures.
Laundry Room Storage - Small Shelf above the washer and dryer, great for storing small things.I like this idea for space above the dryer to hang-dry clothes, but I'd rather put it over the washer and put lower shelves, cupboard over the dryer- maybe??
I like the one on the right because I hang most of our laundry. The one on the left has multiple uses. The one below I would be able to utilize the shelves I already have hmm??
Laundry Room Organization - Open shelves above washer and dryerI would not be able to do the counter unless I removed our drawers under the washer and dryer. OH the options..
Laundry closet

I appreciate any input! Oh and just in case anybody was wandering the flooded old laundry has not been repaired well
the emergent leak was repaired
but the damage to the room is still ugly, we are waiting for the weather to warm up and possibly make it a bathroom..more projects fun! I will update when we finish the laundry room storage dilemma.


  1. Haha, the one on the left looks like it has a wine storage above the washer. I'd vote for that one! ;)